One-on-one Sessions

We work with any breed, with any issue. Whether you are having problems with anti-social behaviour and aggression, obedience and walking or behavioural issues including barking, digging and escaping.

The Dogfather Dog Training Townsville, provides a natural approach beyond just dog training. Our methods are all about "Effective Leadership" and "Creating Calm" to help dogs and make households harmonious.

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Group Therapy for Dogs

Once we have created the dog you desire, it's important we practice, maintain and continue to educate our dogs to ensure they fit into society.

We offer group therapy sessions for dogs who have successfully learned our core principles in the our one-on-one sessions, so that you can continue to educate, teach and train your dog.

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Saving the Underdogs

We’re passionate about giving every dog a chance to succeed. Through our saving the underdog program we work with the local community, and provide education and seminars in dog behaviour and training.

"Saving the Underdogs", some on their last chance many never given a chance. We create the dog you desire!

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