For our dogs to succeed, we need "Dog Parents" who take our "Dog Children" to another level, one that ensures they fit into society.

Below are some of the many dogs and families we have worked with who are now healthier and happier than when we first met them.

Julie & Sarge

For some dog owners they feel they are at the end of the road. For many they have tried so many options they have sought assistance and advice and still they are lost. Some people have simply accepted it is what it is, we are always so grateful they gave it one more shot and trusted we could help them find the pathway to success! Julie contacted me to help with Sarge and his issues, within days he was leaving that old road behind. What I saw was Julie's effort being rewarded and Sarge becoming a role model for his Husky sister and showing her the new pathway to success. Awesome effort Julie, I was very impressed and so too was your sister!  

Nathan & Pack

Nathan and Shelly contacted me with what I would call some very achievable goals but some pretty challenging dogs. Sadly they were slightly misguided by previous attempts and a bit defeated by previous attempts to seek professional help and get real results.Nathan and Shelley represent many owners who just needed a little education about their role as "dog parents", about dogs as a species, but most importantly about ENERGY. Dogs follow energy; they follow our energy every moment of every day.Nathan and Shelley, thank you for embracing the core principles of my beliefs in dog training.

Buffy's Story

Latoya first contacted me in September 2012 to ask if I could help. Buffy has a brain injury which was sustained as a puppy from a fall. She has limited brain function and some physical limitations too, her hearing in one ear is affected and her eyesight on the same side is also poor. Buffy was anxious and reactive to some people and all dogs. She was nervous and totally unable to relax (she has a nervous "twitch" when it gets really bad). Her basic training was something she wasn't asked to do as her owners thought she probably couldn't do it anyway and on the leash she was a nightmare when walking.
Buffy is going great; she's working within her limitations. She can walk on the leash great, she can sit/stay and do basic training drills, she is leaning to become social with other dogs (thanks to Tonka and his therapy for dogs) and she is calm at home and re-connecting with people.
I can't tell you how honored I am to work with Buffy and her family, and how much she has taught me.

Miss Penny

We first introduced Miss Penny 2 sessions ago After her 3rd session what we saw was just a dog, not her breed and not a dog who displays nervous/anxious behaviours. With routines, structure and owners who have implemented our plan what we are seeing is Penny at her best. Results are the product of effort. Miles and Ben thankyou for allowing us to work with Penny and for your effort. By giving this girl exercises to redirect her and stop her from demonstrating her old behaviours in public, we can now ensure Penny will be just a dog.

Racheal & Jaime

The Power of Persistence!
Racheal and Jaime are testament to what can be achieved and their results are amazing considering where we started. Some insight into the issues they had are as follows: Casey(Shar Pei X) and Cleo(Staffy) were seriously fighting and these gladiator battles were leaving them with major injuries and regular trips to the Vets. Cleo's excited behaviours had her dominating the household and her lack of discipline was making it hard to control her. Casey was anti-social on walks and would target other dogs making her a handful to walk and adding Cleo into the mix on walks was just too much. Racheal and Jamie had seriously looked at some options of which re-homing Cleo was one. Luckily I was a given a chance to help, I was Cleo's last chance!
Now after months of working together the fights have stopped, the walks are a pleasure and we have even implemented some training which has Cleo blowing me away. The little Satffy who wouldn't leash walk nicely, wouldn't sit when asked or stay at all during our first session can now do it all. Racheal and Jaime are role models for all I teach, they know what it takes to change a dogs behaviour and it isn't just "dog training", lifestyle is what changes behaviour. Thankyou for allowing me to share this journey I am very proud of the results you have achieved!!!

Melissa & Rohan

Dancing for Joy!
Melissa and Rohan (Townsville's very own international Dance superstars) have me dancing for joy! They contacted me seeking help for their dog who was literally on it's last chance.
Jedda the Rottweiler was out of control,over excited and dominant behaviours were making this dog unbearable to live with. Ready to advertise Jedda and give her away Melissa and Rohan decided to give her one last chance. I am so thankful I was asked to be her savior. Over the past 2 months these owners have implemented all I have asked and in our final session today I am blown away by what I see. We enjoyed a beautiful session today to finish off what we started and succeeded in doing. Jedda is staying where she belongs with a family who always loved her but needed to learn how to demonstrate the leadership she required. Thankyou for trusting in what I teach and well done on what you have achieved!!!

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