Some dogs are on their last chance.....many dogs are never given a chance.

At The Dogfather Dog Training Townsville, we aim to better educate our local community on how to best care for their dogs to make their lives as enjoyable as possible.

We do this by:

  • Supporting local community through volunteer work and donations.
  • Education and seminars in dog behaviour and training.
  • Dog rehabilitation through dog therapy on our XLR8 program with the assistance of our balanced and passive dogs.
  • Participation in and presentations at industry expos and open days.

We are here to save those in need, to educate and to empower both owners and dogs to be be the best they can be. For those we work with, you know my passion. Offering free programs in order for owners to instead fund de-sexing of their dog/s is an example of the lengths we have gone to share our message.

Townsville, "Responsible Ownership" is what we preach and it goes beyond just training dogs, and well beyond just "loving" your dog. Education and awareness is what saves us all. Responsible ownership is what will "Save the Underdogs". Each step Tonka and I take together is one step closer to sharing our message.

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